LiptoGrow Plus 4

4+ Years

A Super-Premium nutritional supplement for children from 4 years of age

  • Great tasting natural vanilla flavor
  • Further strengthens cognitive development
  • Complete vitamins and nutrients for growing kids
  • Continues to strengthen the immune system

Form: Powder

Package size: 400gm| 900gm


LiptoGROW Plus 4 is a super-premium nutritional supplement designed to give your little ones the vitamins and nutrients they need from 4 years of age. With a great tasting vanilla flavor, LiptoGROW Plus 4 helps even the pickiest eaters get the wholesome nourishment they need for continued healthy growth and development in combination with a well-balanced diet

  • Continues to boost cognitive function
  • Continues to support immune system
  • Further adapted to the changing needs of your growing child

LiptoGROW Plus 4 is trusted by parents and pediatricians to supplement the well-balanced diet of growing children to keep them developing healthy and strong

  • No hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No gluten
  • No genetically modified ingredients (GMO)
You and Your Baby
Liptis Nutrition is firmly committed to your health and the health of your little ones.
“The first and only formula I will ever use.”